Top 10 Must-Have Features for Your Corporate Office Space

Top 10 Must-Have Features for Your Corporate Office Space

Top 10 Must-Have Features for Your Corporate Office Space

Location is more than just a set of GPS coordinates on a map. A corporate space must offer certain amenities to serve efficiently as your office. Before you can begin matching your business to available properties for rent, you must define any space requirements you have. Nailing down these non-negotiables will make finding your optimal office space quick and easy.

1.  On-Site Objectives

Be clear about your corporate space’s primary purpose, accounting for every activity that you envision taking place there. For example, will your site be an administrative-only spot? Will your functions involve dispatches, deliveries, goods or services? Will it function as a home base with employees meeting clients off-site, or will clients be visiting on-site?

2.  Personal Safety

Parking, lighting and security are priority concerns for everyone – both clients and workers. If you don’t want employees’ cars in front, is there a safe, well-lit location in the back? Does the space have a security system or policy that works well with your hours of operation? Will access outside of normal hours be possible and safe?

3.  Signage and Promotion

Zoning often controls the type of signage you can have, its placement, the size and quantity and, in some cases, even the design. At the same time, consider lines of sight for visibility. If you have frequent promotional needs, will the property’s zoning allow for that?

4.  Work Spaces

Do you need private work spaces with conference rooms for meetings and collaboration, or would an open work environment with smaller meeting areas work better? Is the work primarily computer-centered or sensitive, or will creative processes demand work tables or space-intensive equipment? Consider, too, whether you’ll want to host on-site training or large collaborations.

5.  Communications

Will the space meet your telecommunication requirements – voice, video and data communications – for the number of employees you will have? Beyond wiring, consider Internet access providers and the area’s bandwidth availability and limitations. Bandwidth basically equals speed, but you may also need tools to fluidly allocate that bandwidth to critical tasks like point of sale applications.

6.  Utilities

Will the building’s utilities easily and safely support your business’ objectives? Are the space’s electrical, gas, water and ventilation systems up to current code? Will the site’s utilities comfortably handle the workload your activities will generate, especially heat from computers or odors from processes or machinery? Also address emergency alarms and policies as well as potential waste disposal issues.

7.  Structure

Is the building structurally sound from the foundation to the roof? Is it fully compliant with the U.S. Department of Justice’s Americans with Disabilities Act? Are bathrooms sufficient for employees and clients? Will structural changes be necessary? Would you be able to expand if you grow, or would you have to move?

8.  Working Logistics

Will the space provide easy access for your preferred vendors and suppliers? Will you have sufficient, orderly storage areas for supplies without slippage or damage? Will you be able to store occasional-use equipment on-site or rent it conveniently nearby?

9.  Personal Services

Are the services that often take employees from the workplace locally available? Having child care providers, lunch venues, medical offices, or even workout facilities or a park nearby minimizes wasted time, raises employee morale and productivity, and often reduces employee turnover. It may also increase your client base.

10.  Intangibles

Is the space consistent with your image and that of your clients? Do the atmosphere and style contribute to your purpose? Are the noise levels, odors, cleanliness and furnishings consistent with the message you want to convey?


Strategic Business Decisions

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