Build to Suit


Building to Suit Your Needs

Build the perfect home for your business in the Lafayette region with build to suit commercial properties from Billeaud Companies. We have the capabilities and resources to design, build and finance everything from industrial facilities to retail, restaurants and more.

At Billeaud Companies, we offer a premier team of engineers, architects, general contractors and business managers to ensure that every project meets each client’s exact specifications and needs. Using Billeaud-owned properties, we custom build out the project to completion—then lease the facility back to the client.

Billeaud has the property network and experience to connect you with a build to suit lease that’s best for your project. Over the years, we have completed build-to-suit commercial properties for many prominent businesses such as Raising Canes, Schlumberger and Santa Fe restaurants.

Why Build to Suit?

Through a build to suit lease, Billeaud Companies can help you create the ideal home for your business, without the hassle of personal financing. Our team of property development contractors will aid you in the site selection process, working with you to customize each site to your business’ specific needs.

Our build-to-suit lease offers you:

  • Affordable, tailored site solutions across the Lafayette and Acadiana region.
  • A large inventory of build-to-suit commercial properties to choose from.
  • Access to Billeaud Companies’ team of architecture and property development experts.
  • Ongoing maintenance and control of the site throughout your lease.

If you feel a build to suit lease is right for your business and would like to learn more about our development options, please call 337-837-5046 or visit our contact page.

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